Who is Greg Nicholls? The S1S Co-Host

Woah, it has been a very long time since I’ve written a blog post about myself. Isn’t it crazy how nervous you get before writing anything on your website? Will this get traffic? Will people like this post? Will I go viral? Who knows!

Well, I’m putting all of that nonsense behind me.  It’s now time to get focused and start writing about, erm, Myself I guess. Here goes nothing!

I went to school. I wouldn’t have considered myself the ‘ideal’ student, but I wasn’t your cliche college dropout either.

I suppose I should start by introducing myself, my name is Greg Nicholls, and I’m the proud co-host of the Stage One Startup Podcast: The Podcast for Startups & Aspiring Entrepreneurs. While writing this post, I’m 22 years old, and things are pretty damn awesome in my life right now. I have an amazing business partner and co-host who seriously knows his sh*t when it comes down to mingling with our guests and anything to do with entrepreneurship.

I’ve always known deep down that I’ve wanted to do something different with my life, something that not everybody on this planet gets the opportunity to do. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been an entrepreneur since birth, as some of the icons that are out there right now, but since a child, I’ve always wanted more out of life than sitting behind a desk for the next 60 years.

I went to school, and I wouldn’t have considered myself the ‘ideal’ student, but I wasn’t your cliche college entrepreneurial dropout either. My teachers labelled me as the ‘Class Clown’, which I suppose is probably right. At the time, I wasn’t sure why I had to be at school, or why I had to learn about things that gave me little to no satisfaction, I rarely did my homework and I most defiantly wasn’t on time for my classes.

But there were only three things in school that I can remember, that I cared passionately about. Those three things were; Science, IT & Business Studies, front row of every class and known as the geek of the lessons I aced all three of those exams, other classes, however, not so much.

My keen interest in those three lessons, took me to College where I studied Computer Science, which meant I learnt about things I generally didn’t even knew were possible. Again, being labelled as the class clown, I, unfortunately, didn’t do so well. Who can honestly say that they really focused fully on College right?

None the less, I passed by the skin of my teeth, with a little help from my friends (there is defiantly a song in that sentence somewhere).

Whilst at College I worked in my local Supermarket, on the Customer Service Desk, helping all different types of not so happy people. But in all honesty, I can say that working at that Supermarket made me realise that I love helping people out and mixing with all different walks of life. Yep, those people weren’t the nicest people at the time but thinking back it made me realise that I had a general knack for mingling with other people and helping them get the result that they wanted.

After 3 years at the Supermarket, I decided it was time to grow up and get myself a job in the big bad world, which in the UK normally means getting a job in London. My background is IT and I love working in that area, so I went on the hunt for a job where I could fix things all day long.

My father helped me get a job, doing exactly that! After all, it’s not what you know it’s who you know.


I want to fast forward 2 years because I don’t want to bore you with the in-between bits. So, it’s a cold February night, I and Brad decide it was about time to meet up after work, for a 2-4-1 beer in one of our favourite typical London pubs. We hadn’t seen much of each other for around 2 years since we both started working in London around the same time, so we hadn’t had much time to meet up, we had been working our arses off trying to climb that corporate ladder.

Sitting there in the heart of the Financial District in London, we started randomly sharing ideas with each other on how we could make a little extra money on the side. Brad, already having started his first venture which he’ll tell you more about in his blog post, he approached me to help him put together a website for his venture, I agreed and on things went. After about 2 hours, we thought it would be an amazing idea to start an eBay business!! That eBay business would be selling mobile phone accessories. Oh, my god, our lives were going to change forever, everybody needs an iPhone case right?

We left the pub that night, with our ideas in our wallets and our hopes slightly too high. The next couple of weeks we spent trying to gather the money together to be able to buy ourselves our first batch of iPhones cases (because that’s the only phone in the world right?). We purchased the cases, and set up a page on eBay and began selling, and to be honest, we did better than we thought. But it still wasn’t enough to make a living from.

We didn’t actually realise how much of an investment we really needed to make something like that work, especially when you’ve got guys on there selling 20,000 cases a week!!

After things started to slow down with our amazing iPhone cases, we realised that we had been bitten on the arse by that mysterious entrepreneurial bug, we weren’t stopping for anything. We then started to get into Online Marketing and realising that there were systems in place that taught you how to do everything, from setting up; sales funnels, email lists, social media pages and so much more. We decided to join a system that gave us a mentor and showed us the ropes, yes this came at a cost but in our eyes, it was worth it, and to this day it still was worth it.

Now I am about to really fast forward things here to February 2016, we had, had enough of chasing money all the time. We noticed that, although the internet is filled to the brim with mentors, and life coaches, and business strategists all of these people cost and absolute arm and a leg to hire to ‘help’ you get to your goals. We wanted to be able to speak to these gurus on tap, without having to pay through the roof to get to them, all we really wanted was an hour of their time to show us how to the essential things when starting a business.

That’s when we thought of Stage One Startup. What if we could create something that could, not only help us but also help other people with their business ideas, there are thousands of people out there with amazing ideas that could potentially change this world, but they just don’t have the right guidance, momentum or knowledge to get their ideas from ‘Stage One to Success’.

And I suppose that leads us back to what I’m most passionate about, helping people achieve what they actually want most in life. Since we started this journey I’ve been obsessed with showing people that there is a totally new life out there IF people want to find it, all they have to do is work f*cking hard at it, and never ever stop giving up trying to achieve the things they want most in life.

I’m probably one of the most passionate and enthusiastic people, you will ever meet in your life. Once I get that urge to go and get something, that’s it for me, I’m off like the wind and I won’t return until I have achieved what I set out to do.

I’ve finally realised that chasing money doesn’t get you money, it gets you a lot of misery and a lot of unhappy days with little to no satisfaction. Instead, I’m focused on gaining as much knowledge as humanly possible to help other people seriously change their lives, whilst in the process of changing mine.

Oh and by the way, I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, an ENORMOUS geek, and an OCD freak, and I’m proud to admit those things to you.

What Can We Expect From You?

That is an excellent question..

You can expect me to be the witty class clown that I was labelled as in school, but I just want you to know that as soon as those guests appear on our show, sh*t is about to go down. I’ll be asking our guests the questions that you need answering, in order to help you achieve the goals within your life.

You can expect; motivation, passion, laughter, inspiration and so much more when it comes to, not just myself, but on the podcast as well. We’ve put so much time and effort into making this such a unique show so that there isn’t one like this out there with the same two questions as us.

I’ll be getting down into the nitty-gritty to find out what the hell has worked for the entrepreneurs that appear on our show, finding out as much information as possible so that our listeners can take away serious value bombs and apply it within their own businesses.

My goal for the show is to take it to the next level, rather than making a standard podcast that just gets listens and downloads, I want to be able to change the lives of others through the guidance of myself and Brad. So, that within the next 5 years, turn Stage One Startup into a complete step-by-step academy for aspiring entrepreneurs to be able to learn everything they need to, all in one central place.

So then guys, that will be it from me, as I don’t want to go on too much detail, because I want you to be able to listen to our amazing podcast to find out who we really are when we are on them microphones.

Here’s the link to our first ever episode:

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