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What you will learn in this post;

  • What is Google Apps for Business
  • Out the box – What you get with Google Apps for Business
  • Why Google Apps for Business has helped us
  • How Google Apps for Business can help you
  • Pricing and how to get Google Apps for Business

What is Google Apps for Business…

Google Apps for Business, also known as “G-Suite by Google Cloud” is an all-in-one solution that stores everything you can think of in Google’s cloud service.

Perfect for businesses and startups who may want an all-in-one solution to manage your email, document storage and much more.

On the G-Suite homepage, one of the first things you will see is; “All you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.”

If I could leave it at that, then I would, because that’s exactly what it does.

This platform allows you to Communicate, Store, Collaborate and Manage everything under one roof.


Within the G-Suite you’re able to communicate with your entire team once you’re set up on the platform using App’s like; Gmail, Google Hangouts, Calendar & Google+


Another huge perk that we’ve found when using the G-Suite is the unlimited storage within Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage Solution.


Collaboration is made easy with G-Suite apps such as; Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides & Sites we now have an entire office solution in one simple place which allows creating documents such as our question sheet for our guests a breeze!


This is the part you’ll use a lot at first, or at least we did. You’re able to create users who will be using the platform and then you’re also able to manage them. It’s perfect for me, as I’m able to keep tabs on Brad and what he’s doing!

What you get with Google Apps for Business

G-Suite comes with a boat load of useful tools that I can guarantee you’ll use religiously. We’re in Apps such as; Gmail, Docs, Drive, Sites & Hangouts every single day!

So, I won’t beat around the push; this is exactly what you get with Google Apps for Business;

  • Gmail; your domain name within your email addresses
  • Hangouts; for chatting with the team or other users
  • Calendar; Manage your schedule with the G-Suite Calendar app
  • Google+; Google’s Social Media Platform, which is defiantly overlooked
  • Drive; Cloud storage solution for storing all of your important files, data, and embarrassing pictures
  • Docs; Google’s version of Microsoft Word, I personally really enjoy it
  • Sheets; Google’s version of Microsoft Excel, not a huge user but it comes with it, so why not make the most of it!
  • Forms; This is great if you’re collecting research from your audience or for market research
  • Slides; We’re currently putting together a course, and this is helping us out massively.
  • Sites; If you’re a website owner then this is perfect for you!
  • Admin; When you sign-up with G-Suite you’ll get admin access to manage your users.
  • Vault; A secure place where you can keep tabs on all your businesses vital information.

Image is taken from G-Suite website.

Why Google Apps for Business Has Helped Us

Before I go on, I would just like to say, I didn’t plan for this turn into a sales pitch, we’re completely biased towards this product as it’s done the job for us. It might not work for you.

Well, where do I begin?

When we purchased this package we instantly started seeing the benefits of having all of this under one roof.

I’ll give you an idea by giving you a brief breakdown on what we use each app for.

  1. Gmail – Receiving and responding to important emails
  2. Hangouts – Brad and I speak on this all day
  3. Calendar – Try to be as organised as possible with our guest schedule
  4. Google+ – This is a working project, we’re still trying to figure out how to use it
  5. Drive – We store and backup our life into this
  6. Docs – Writing guest intros, interview questions, general document creation
  7. Sheets – We have a Share 4 Share sheet that we use to share other accounts content on Instagram
  8. Forms – Collecting data from our audience
  9. Slides – We’re creating courses and using slides is perfect for showing bullet points in a tutorial way.
  10. Sites – I’m in this quite a lot, it’s perfect for adding web sites to your Google account.
  11. Admin – Like I said, it’s ideal for when you’re first setting up. Maybe more useful for IT admins.
  12. Vault – It does its thang.

How Google Apps for Business Can Help You

G-suite is a fantastic tool if you’re tight for money and don’t want to use multiple platforms to manage everything.

The possibilities are endless with this platform. I mean, what more could you want from it? Yeah, it would be great if you could host a website with Google (I may be wrong here, I think you actually can).

One of the most significant benefits we’ve seen is the use of having our email domain name. Excuse my lack of the technical terminology.

We’re now able to use our domain name as our email address! So, just in case you’re like “What the hell is this guy on about”

Instead of; (which would 100% already be in use) or (which 100% wouldn’t be taken)

You can do the same!

It takes minutes to set up, and in a flash, you’ll have a complete IT system for you and your business there and then.

Oh, and not mention, it’s all stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about any servers, IT administrators or losing anything.

Another great thing to mention is that we are constantly able to get our files from anywhere, anytime. We’re able to communicate, collaborate and access anything we’ve saved.

Not to mention that it will save your business a tonne of money! Which is great if you’re a startup.


Pricing and How to Get Google Apps for Business.

Google Apps for Business comes with two different packages, a Basic & Business.


Image from G-Suite Pricing

As you can see, it’s fairly priced and nothing too expensive.

That’s all folks

Well, I hope that wraps things up nicely for this week’s recommended rocket resource.

We truly do hope that you enjoy Google Apps for Business as much as we do!

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