Reasons Why Instagram Could Be the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Those of you that have been following us for some time now, will realise that we have invested a lot of our time in learning the ropes to Instagram for business.

We started out by using it as a platform to document our journey as two entrepreneurs building a business. After 3 months, we managed to grow our following to an impressive 17,000+. The aim was to inspire those aspiring entrepreneurs so that they could get an insight on what it takes to build a business. After realising what a great tool Instagram was for more exposure, conversions, website traffic and engagement with our audience – we decided to focus a lot more time into using the app as an essential tool for our business, alongside other social media channels.

A short while after that, we decided to set up a separate page for our brand. Instagram then released a new feature that allows you to switch your account from a personal to business profile. This allows your followers to clearly see that you are a business, also providing in-house analytics. We decided to take it seriously and so began to use other third party analytics tools too. This way we could find out who our audience was, what time they were active on Instagram and what type of content was favoured by our audience. We then built our content creation plan around that data and ramped up the consistency.

139 facts about Instagram that one should be aware of in 2017

Fairly recently, we were contacted via email by a reader of our blog sharing this in-depth infographic with us that they thought would be of value to other readers of our content. The infographic consists of 139 facts about Instagram that one should be aware of in 2017.

We are very selective with the content we share on our blog, especially when it’s not our own. However, knowing Instagram and it’s advantages, we saw the value in how useful this guide could be for those of you that don’t know much about the real benefits of Instagram. And more importantly, how it could impact your business in a big way. So I’ve decided to share it here with you guys.

Instagram has transformed into a great platform over the years, especially since Facebook acquired the company. They have released a handful of cool features consistently for both personal and business use and they continue to do so. This infographic will share with you some key pointers to pay attention to on Instagram, that you can leverage for your business starting now.



If used correctly, Instagram can be a very powerful platform. As you can see this infographic offers some key valuable points to help you improve your marketing plan for social media.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket

I’m not saying that you should purely make Instagram your only go-to social media platform to use for your business. As successful as Instagram is and as great of a platform it is for your business – you never know what could happen to the platform, and the same goes for any social media application. Bearing that in mind, you should build your brand, share your message and be active on other platforms too, which is also allowing you to tap into a wider audience.

I hope you have found this infographic useful. If you have any questions about it or about Instagram in general, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts and to help you in any way I can to improve your social media marketing efforts!

brad author imageBradley Morley | Co-Founder & Co-Host of Stage One Startup

I share a strong interest in helping startups learn the ropes to building their first business. Branding, social media & marketing is my jam. I LOVE speaking to and learning from innovative CEO’s around the globe through our podcast. I’m most active on Instagram and Facebook.

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