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#StartupLessons EP020: Beginner Mistakes, Things to Avoid and What to Do to Maximise Success When Marketing on Social Media w/ Andrew Goodman

August 17, 2017

Today’s Teacher; Andrew Goodman

It’s that time again where we bring you our weekly #StartupLessons.

Today’s Teacher is Andrew Goodman, founder of AGNC Media, curator of The Good E-mail ( & Head of Social at Secret Entourage. We know what you’re thinking, “These guys can’t get enough of Secret Entourage!”.

And you are correct, we can’t!

Andrew began his career in 2008 at age 19 as a sophomore in college having got himself an internship for an aftermarket auto parts manufacturer.

He learned everything he could and crawled his way to the top and in 2013 left the company to work for the family business.

From there, he began to help his friends strategize their social media marketing efforts and then realized that’s where his talents lay.

Andrew started his agency in 2015 with just one client and managed to scale to over 10 clients in the first year, generating revenue of over $100k.

He now specializes in Facebook Ads.

Let’s fast forward to the present – Andrew now has over 40 active clients, pulling in over a tasty six-figure income with not a single penny spent on marketing himself.

Would you believe Andrew is a one man band? (Jaw dropping moment right?)

A list of some of his high profile clients includes; Ultra-high-end automobile manufacturers, car dealerships, local politicians, franchises, real estate developers, insurance agencies, high-end b&m retail and high-profile car tuners & shops.

With all of that in mind, I think it’s now time to start this week’s #StartupLesson.

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Key Takeaways

During the course of this #StartupLesson, we’ll be going through some of the beginner mistakes, things to avoid and what to do to maximize success when marketing on social media.

Andrew shares the ways in which he’s managed to grow endless amounts of companies social presence.

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What Are Some of the Mistakes People Make When Using Social Media [04:05]

One of the most common mistakes that Andrew has seen through his career is that the majority of people aren’t focusing their attention on just one social media channel.

A lot of the time they’ll dive head first into every single channel they come across.

Whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

People aren’t learning how to use the platforms first.

Andrew gives an example of a user on Reddit he has been speaking to, who expressed that he wanted to get into Social Media marketing.

The user wanted to offer the following;

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Website Marketing

What the user failed to realise, was that the majority of those services are essentially the same thing.

The most important thing to do before getting into Social Media Marketing is to take the time to learn how to master one of the platforms before offering it as a service.

If do not do this, you run the risk of investing time in platforms that aren’t where your audience is.

One business might only need to build its following on Instagram because their products are visually appealing.

How Much Time Should Someone Invest in a Social Media Platform Before Deciding to Use It Fully?

This varies on the user and on the company.

Andrew would suggest that you give a single social media platform three to six months of hard-work and dedication on learning how to use it before offering it as a service of promoting your product or service on that channel.

It does take time, which means that patience plays a huge role in the mastery of some channels.

Before you start to see results, don’t expect to get results back in return for at least 1-2 months.

That’s also with a lot of trial and error.

The same thing goes for results when running ad campaigns on social media.

How Should I Start Testing My Chosen Social Media Channel?

Should you start by using your personal account? Or should you test with somebody else’s account?
Andrew mentions that he, unfortunately, didn’t have the benefit of a lot of the tools and techniques that are available today.
At the time, there were no YouTube tutorials on how to build a successful social media campaigns.
In today’s culture, you can go to, what Andrews calls the University of Google & YouTube, type “how to do x” and someone will show you to do it, and in most cases for free.
If you’re looking to get into running social media management or social media ad management, why not ask a local business if you can manage there account for free?
Depending on whether the business owner agrees, you’re going to be gaining some kind of experience.
Help manage someone else’s account, use that to grow their business, you are now off to the races.
Somebody will give you a chance as usually, they don’t want to learn how to do it themselves.

How to Find the Right Customers to Work With?

The best type of customer that Andrew recommends, are the ones that have a considerable back-end revenue model.

Because these types of businesses are usually spending money on some form of advertisement already.

They’re usually making a lot of money on repeat business, in most cases from a subscription model or a repeat service.

Two of Andrew’s best clients are chiropractor’s and dentists.

These types of services offer repeat opportunities to make good money.

Are Testimonials Important?

If you’re thinking about starting an Ad Agency, then it’s not 100% necessary.

It’s an added bonus if you’re getting great testimonials from clients, as research show’s that you do end up attracting more business with them.

To gain customers, there are two essential processes to attract new clients.

  1. Go in as the ‘Curious Student’ and ask them if you can test your methods on their accounts, and then if you’re starting to see traction on their account, go in for the ask for the opportunity to do this full-time for them.
  2. The second is doing the whole process for free. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride in order to learn.

Don’t Be a Douche

People want to do business with people that they like and trust.

Law of averages shows that if you live your life by doing right by people and not to get by on just making an extra buck, then chances are you’re going to turn into a very likable person.

Being trustworthy and honesty goes a long way in business.

Mutual friendships are also a great way to gain clients, if you’re friends with people who have a need for your service then they’ll be more likely to share that with their friends.

Hire a Good Accountant

This is extremely important.

Andrew stresses that in the US there are a lot of tax loop holes that a business can go through which benefits him and his businesses.

Doing this will allow you to stress less about the extremely difficult side of things when running your business.

If you can hire somebody to help you with that, it allows you move on to things that you are naturally good at, running your business!

Without having those resources, you’re having to manage a lot of it on your own.

Which isn’t good for anybody.

Join Your Local BNI Group

A Business Network International Group is a great way to connect and network with other businesses which may need your services.

BNI groups generally consist of the older generation who may need your services, in this case, social media marketing.

This can be an amazing way to generate revenue for your agency.

More From This Episode

Andrew goes into a lot more detail about how you can manage your social media ad campaigns correctly for your business to gain more exposure.

A follow-up article will be written on the second part of this episode over on our blog page.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Later – Later is an all in one scheduling App that allows you to schedule posts for your Instagram

Facebook – This social media network is a tool within itself.

Third Circle Theory by Pejman Ghadimi

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