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#StartupLessons EP004: Ethical Profits, Building Trust and Putting Yourself Out Of Business w/ Danny Matthews

March 02, 2017

This Week’s Teacher; Danny Smith – Founder Mortgy

We are proud to be bringing this week’s teacher to all of you listeners out there.

Danny Matthews, Danny describes himself as a purebred people person who has spent the last ten years dedicated to try and get you to trust the financial services industry again.

He has proudly been featured in places like The Financial Times, Mortgage Strategy, The Huffington Post, and across many other entrepreneurial channels.

Danny has just recently launched Mortgy, here’s a snippet from Mortgy’s website for you to better understand;


Finally you can get a mortgage without the tedious appointments, paperwork, misleading information and all-around fluff. Discover a new way to find and apply for a mortgage in a fraction of the time, at no cost.

To pay your mortgage off as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible is the number one goal for most of you. We had the infrastructure and expertise in place already, and now we have the technology and process to make getting the right mortgage for you easier than ever.

We believe that when you’re making the biggest and most important commitment in your life, you shouldn’t be pigeonholed into applying with your bank, without knowing if it’s the best thing for you.

Nearly 80% of people in the UK seek advice from a broker, but unfortunately, the average broker will only look at a small section of the market and then take months sometimes to complete the process.

Mortgy allows you to find out how much you can borrow or save in seconds, then guides you through the application process in minutes allowing you to look at 1000’s of options available, wherever you are on a PC, tablet or smartphone, 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Within its first day, it has had half a million businesses sign up using the platform.

What You’ll Learn

In this lesson, Danny will show you how to take an intangible, service-based micro company and upgrade what you already know into a scalable online business.

But before you embark on such a journey, you must have the mindset which allows you to look at your company from the outside in.

A winning mentality is what enabled Danny to continue to self-motivate and grow his businesses for the future with three core principles including putting yourself out of business. We are going to go straight into the episode now so welcome everybody, Danny Matthews.

Class is Starting

There is a very distinct way of building trust in business, and I do not think that many people get the idea of not only building trust but having trustability which is the sort of concept of building trust before your customers even get to you, before they try your service.

So building trustability in your business means that you are giving value up front without any expectation in return.

Before I get into too much detail, I am going to give you a couple of examples of companies all over the world that have tried to build trust with their customers and how they have sought to build actually.

I am hoping that by the end of this session, you will understand a little bit more about empathy, abundance, the concept of giving things away for free.

And to really allow you to input some of these little strategies and little emotional ties into your business to allow you to build trust even if you have not met the person face to face yet.

So I want to start by just talking you through an example of something in my industry, which is financial services, and this is around insurance and something which struck me when I heard this story as a trustable company, and you will see why.

Immediately after the Gulf War, which is the first Gulf War in about 1991 I believe, an insurance company in America called USAA I think they are based out of Texas, they sent out refund checks to a few thousand customers back in the early 90s.

The idea was that since the men and women who had been serving at the frontline could not drive their cars back in The States during all the months, they were in the Middle East, they would send them a check for refunds basically for that time.

What was absorbing about this was that I think it was something like 2,500 of those members (they call their customers “members”).

Nearly two and a half thousand of them were sent back these checks from the grateful customers primarily who told USAA to keep the money and just be there when they need them.

The Lesson Continues…

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