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#StartupLessons EP003: Setting Setting up Your Pinterest Business Account for Blooming Success w/ Dee Smith

February 23, 2017

This Week’s Teacher; Dee Smith – Founder Rosie Social Media

Welcome class, to this week’s #StartupLesson.

It is our absolute pleasure to be introducing you all to Dee Smith, the founder of Rosie Social Media.

Dee specialises in Pinterest Marketing, and let’s all face it, Pinterest is one of those things that we all wish we knew how to use!

Rosie Social Media provides Pinterest account management services, education and training for businesses, bloggers and entrepreneur.

They can help increase engagement and traffic to your website.

Aside from running a kick-ass business she also is also a proud mum, graphic designer and coffee lover.

Dee has also had the pleasure of being mentored by some of the world leading online marketers.

I think that’s enough bragging on our part, don’t you think?

The class is starting…

In this lesson, Dee will be laying down some foundations to setting up your Pinterest account in the right way.

If you’ve already got a Pinterest account then make sure you’re ready to make some changes to your profile page, your pins and your boards.

We have a hell of a lot to get through in this episode, but we’re going to be sticking with the basics so that you are able to take some actionable steps from this lesson.

Firstly, I think we should cover a few of your basic questions.

What is Pinterest and Why Should I Consider Adding This to My Social Media Platforms?

Well, it may come as surpise to you that Pinterest is not be considered as ‘just another social media platform’.

It is actually a search engine just like Google, Yahoo, and Bing; only of course in my perspective and many others, it is much better. So it is actually a visual search engine.

But the biggest mistake that users make is that they do not actually use it to its fullest potential.

They do not use it as a search engine so no thought really goes into using the or selecting the appropriate keywords when they are naming their boards or even writing their board description.

So you know, naming their board something like “My Blog Post”  or “Stuff I Love To Do” is not going to help you show up in any search result.

It is not a typical thing that someone would type into a search engine to get the information.

So there are a few options when searching on Pinterest.

They have a few methods of search which I will be explaining shortly. But I just want to go through a couple of just terminology I guess and where Pinterest originated from.

Where does “Pin” come from?

The word “pin” as in pin board and interest were actually brought together to explain the concept of pinning your interest to a digital pin board; pin, Pinterest.

So it is also considered to be a bookmarking tool.

And if you look at it from this perspective, so rather than collecting recipes from magazines, you pin onto one of your boards.

Boards are a collection of your pins or images, and each of those images will link back to a website where it came from.

What you want to do is make sure you organise your boards to be arranged by topic, interest, or even by the product that you sell.

Pinterest is known as the world’s largest catalogue of ideas.

What are “Pinners”?

“Pinners”, are the people on Pinterest that are pinning images or saving images, they are on Pinterest planning for their future.

What they tend to do is research, sometimes six months out of a major life event such as a wedding or even a 40th birthday party, maybe there is a new baby on the way, perhaps it is a home renovation.

What they are doing is they are looking for help, tips, education, not always only for themselves but it can also be for family, it can also be for their job or their own business.

So you really want to think about how you can actually solve their problems.

Start thinking about what sort of content that you can create that will actually help them.

The Lesson Continues…

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