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#StartupLesson EP005: 5 Things You Need to Know About Connecting With Influencers in Any Niche w/ Nicholls & Morley

March 12, 2017

This Week’s Teacher; Greg Nicholls & Bradley Morley – Stage One Startup.

In this week’s lesson, we will be teaching all about the Top 5 you need to know about connecting with influencers.

Today we’re going to be talking about how to connect with the top influencers in your market. These tips will give you what you need to reach out to the people and get a successful response.

This is something that was a request from a few listeners and followers of ours, and it’s obviously a big thing that everybody wants to know about.

Connecting with influencers is probably the biggest way businesses are leveraging now to get success and also building out your circle of influencers is so important.

So, we’ve decided to put together a lesson based on the top 5 things that we’ve learned from connecting with influencers.

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What is an Influencer?

Before we begin, we think it’s probably a little bit wise for us to kind of explain to you what an influence actually is.

an influencer is somebody that is really dominating within your industry at the moment. If you’re an entrepreneur, people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Gerard Adams, and Ross McCray, those types of people.

They’re influencers because they have had huge success in multiple ventures, they also have a large audience via multiple social media platforms.

You could kind of say that people look up to influencers and aspire to be like them.

5 Things You Need to Know About Connecting With Influencers in Any Niche

Don’t just ask.

you need to think about what you can offer them back in value.

The thing is, with these people, because they are such big influencers, they’ve not got much time on their hands. So, the time they do have they’re putting into work.

When they get a chance to maybe read an e-mail about a request to, for instance, come on a podcast, then they’re going to have a tonne of requests all asking for the same thing. So, you need to give them something in return.

Give them some kind of value that makes them feel special, makes them want to do things with you, and that you can obviously give them a reason to collaborate with you.

Write Eye-Catching Emails.

So one of the second points that we want to make is that you’ve got to be able to write good e-mails. Influencers get tonnes of e-mails per day.

Come on my podcast, contribute towards my blog platform. Can you write? Can we meet? You’ve got to be able to stand out to these types of people.

What makes your email so much more appealing than others? How are you standing out? So, if your approach our via e-mail make sure that you write a good enough reason to have them reply to you in the first place.

One thing that we just want to stress, is that there are tools out there that make this a little bit more engaging because e-mails are forgotten about sometimes.

There are tools out there that will allow you to stand out amongst the crowd.

One of the tools that we’ve previously used to get in touch with influencers is a tool called BombBomb, which allows you to create video messages within an e-mail, which is brilliant because this instantly gets their attention. It takes up less time of them watching the video than it does for them reading an email for example.

if you’re not so comfortable with doing the video’s and you’d rather keep it in writing, then that’s fine.

You can still use email. We still use the cold emails, but make them not so cold. I know that sounds weird, you need to make sure that your e-mail is catchy, and that you can link with them instantly.

Make sure that it’s not a long email!

We’ve made this mistake before, where we’ve still managed to bag a guest, but his first response was because he had a bit of humour, “that was a long a** e-mail.” And the thing is, not everybody’s got time to read e-mails like that.

If e-mail is your preferred way to communicate with people, make sure that the readability within your e-mail actually flows and does make sense.

There are tools out there like Grammarly that allow you to be able to kind of write an email that is literally punctuation perfect.

Use Social Media!

Now social media is a big thing and it’s where a lot of people are spending their time. And also stepping away from the e-mails and becoming more interactive on a one-to-one level.

So, for instance, as an example, we asked Daniel Priestley – the latest guest on the show, to come on a year ago before the show was even born.

We met him at an event that he was speaking at, and we approached him afterwards, we said how is best to do this, and he actually said, “well I get tonnes and tonnes of e-mails perhaps you could send me a message through Twitter DMs, and maybe we can take it from there. But come back to me when your shows up and running and you’ve got some downloads.

So you know, after that we sent him messages via Twitter DMs. That didn’t really work. We sent him an e-mail – he obviously didn’t see it. About eight to nine months later we actually shared a piece of content that he posted on his Instagram account.

Now if many of you are following us, we’ve got a pretty big Instagram following.

It’s around 18,000 on our personal brand. So, what we’d done, is we shared one of the Instagram posts of his, not asking for anything in return.

We just re-shared a piece of content that he shared that we liked and that fit with our audience, and within 24 hours – I think we woke up in the morning and we had an e-mail straight away from Dan Priestley saying, let’s do an episode on your show on how to make your first million dollars.

Get to know them!

If you are serious about having them come on your show, write on your blogging platform, or you just want to be able to build a relationship with them, make sure you’re serious and that you do give your time back to them.

When they do eventually answer your e-mails, give them your time.

It shows that you’re investing your time back into them, and they will appreciate it. Don’t leave the e-mail stranded in your inbox for, you know, a couple of weeks because you think, oh, they’ve e-mailed me back and they’re interested in me.

As promised, we have put together a cheat sheet for you to take away with you providing the top 5 things you need to do when connecting with influencers. If you’d like this cheat sheet, drop your email into the below box and we will send it through to you right now!

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