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#StartupLesson EP008 – Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn to Generate Business and Build Your Personal Brand W/ David Hobson

March 30, 2017

This Week’s Teacher: David Hobson

In today’s lesson, we’re going to be talking about why you should using LinkedIn for your business and personal brand.

David is an absolute LinkedIn God!

Brad and I have known David for quite some time now, and we know that he’s the go-to person when it comes to LinkedIn.

David spends the most of his time working in Digital Marketing at Foundr Magazine alongside Nathan Chan but has a keen interest in Business Development.

He is always looking to help other entrepreneurs level up in their business and has helped us, countless amount of times.

Having launched his online course for LinkedIn success and also a LinkedIn mastermind, he’s guaranteed boost your engagement using the underdog social media platform.

In fact, we do not use LinkedIn, but it’s something we need to learn about.

Let’s dive into the lesson.

Why Should Startups Use LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t grab the attention of the everyday Social Media user.  One of the main reasons is because LinkedIn isn’t super sexy!

A lot of people underestimate LinkedIn because they don’t they don’t use it themselves.

You’ll often find that everybody has an account and left it dormant.

LinkedIn is where buyers are and where people with money are.

A key statistic that everybody reading this should take note of is that the average income for somebody on LinkedIn is around $110k per year.

If you compare that to likes of an average Instagram user they earn roughly $40k per year.

LinkedIn is growing at a rate of 2 new users per second and now has over 467 million active users.

The majority of people on LinkedIn are the decision makers and influencers within large organisations.

So if you’re trying to get someone to make a purchasing decision, that person is far more likely to be on LinkedIn than any other social media platform.

As you can already tell, David knows his stuff when it comes to all things LinkedIn.

What You’ll Learn in This Lesson

  1. How to Grow Your LinkedIn Profile.
  2. One Essential Tip for Creating A Tribe on LinkedIn
  3. How to Maintain Privacy on LinkedIn
  4. Building Your Connections
  5. Why You Should be Building A LinkedIn Profile
  6. How to Reach More People
  7. How to Make Linkedin More Effective for Your Business.
  8. What Is the Premium Service Linkedin Offers?
  9. Finding Your Target Audience
  10. Understanding Brand Pages on LinkedIn

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