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S1 E070: How PILOT Founder Made a Risky Decision to Change the Business Model to SaaS for Better Scalability

July 09, 2018

Today’s Guest: Ben Brooks, Founder of PILOT

Ben Brooks, CEO & Founder of PILOT Inc


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Now more importantly, we have got a power hour episode with a name that may ring a bell to you if you are one of our day 1 listeners. Ben Brooks featured on episode 05 to talk about how PILOT was helping to improve careers at work to keep people interested in their jobs and leading a successful career.

We decided to bring Ben back because since then (2 years ago), Ben has made some interesting moves and pivots with his company PILOT. So much so that he has changed the business model in quite a way that at the time of doing so, he saw being a very very risky move – but which you will hear from this episode, has actually gone in his favour and has increased scalability on his part whilst still meeting the end goal and purpose of his company, and bringing successful results to his clients.

We wanted to hear about the pivot, why Ben decided to take this route, and how it has helped him grow as an entrepreneur, grow his company and become more wealthy in knowledge and experience in the entrepreneurial industry.


One big thing that comes with owning your own company, is having to make big risky decisions. Whether that be taking on a new pain in the a– but well paying client, taking on a project which may seem out of your depth, firing an employee for not pulling their weight, saying no to opportunities that arise or in Ben’s case, changing your entire business model for the better. Decision making is always in the process – so we are going to find out how Ben dealt with it and come out on top as well as getting some great takeaways for any new startup founder out there looking to learn what it takes to build a successful company. So stay tuned.

But for those of you that have never heard of PILOT, feel free to check out the first episode we did with Ben so you can hear how things have changed, what he has learned and double up on your takeaways that he shares with us. Otherwise the below should give you some context:

PILOT is an innovative career improvement company revolutionizing the way managers and HR help grow and engage their top talent. PILOT combines an easy-to-use technology platform with focused, real-world advice that empowers employees to take control of their professional success.

For those of you that clicked play before even reading this far, good on ya. Enjoy! And drop us an email to let us know what you think AND take 2 minutes to leave us a rating/review on iTunes please. You’d be doing us a huge favour. Ta!

You can find Ben and his Company using the links below:

Ben’s Linkedin

Ben’s Instagram



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