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S01E069: Hacking Media Advertising and Working with Brands such as Yahoo,, NordicTrack, Tevo and More w/ Travis Chambers

May 21, 2018

Today’s Guest: Travis Chambers, Founder of CHAMBER

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Dope right?

No catch. Just a simple THANK YOU for being a regular listener of our show. You da best!

But more importantly, we got a power hour episode to bring you right here, right now. With an awesome entrepreneur that has made some serious waves in his industry! Seriously knows his stuff. So, click play on the audio clip above – and see below for a bit of info on our special guest for today.


Travis Chambers is Chief Media Hacker/Founder at and led content strategy and distribution for “YouTube’ #1 Ad of the Decade – Kobe vs. Messi” with a WHOPPING 140 MILLION VIEWS!! He makes videos that drive social shares and sales for brands like,, NordicTrack, TiVo and LAN airlines.

In the last 3 years, Travis has driven $40M in trackable sales and 270 million videos views for his clients across YouTube and Facebook. His projects have been featured in Adweek 6 times, and he has 11k followers on LinkedIn.

So… as you can tell – Travis ain’t no joke!

If that hasn’t made you want to press play on this episode, you ain’t one of our stage one’s. Get outta here!

For those of you that clicked play before even reading this far, good on ya. Enjoy! And drop us an email to let us know what you think AND take 2 minutes to leave us a rating/review on iTunes please. You’d be doing us a huge favour. Ta!

You can find Steven and his Company using the links below:

Travis’ LinkedIn

Chamber Media

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