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Stage One Startup,

S01E067: Creating Collaborizm, a Central Place for Entrepreneurs, Engineers & Creatives w/ Steven Reubenstone

March 02, 2018

Today’s Guest: Steven Reubenstone, Founder of Collaborizm

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In today’s episode, Brad is going to be speaking to an entrepreneur who is going through the trenches just like you!

This episode focuses on what it’s like to be hustling as a young entrepreneur trying to make your mark in a tough industry.

Steven is the CEO & Founder of Collaborizm.

Collaborizm is an online tech incubator and collaboration community for entrepreneurs, engineers and creatives.

They currently have 60k monthly active users, with over 100k subscribed to the platform to get support on all stages in their journies.

They now take the 5% of their talent pool and pair them with western customers to perform technology, hardware and software jobs in a freelance capacity.

We’re going to be learning all about Steven’s strategy to make this type of business grow and work for him and the community members inside Collaborizm.

So, let’s get into the show!

You can find Steven & Collaborizm using the links below:

Steven’s Twitter

Steven’s Facebook

Steven on Collaborizm

Find out more about Collaborizm here.

Remember you can enter our online community by following the link below.

Facebook Community

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