Season 1,
Stage One Startup,

S01E066: From Novice Entrepreneur to Becoming Partners with Pat Flynn & Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington w/ Jeremy Adams

February 02, 2018

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This Week’s Guest: Jeremy Adams

Welcome back to the Stage One Startup podcast, in what is the first ever episode of season 1!

Super exciting right?

I know, we are as well.

This week’s guest was an absolute pleasure to interview! Dropping bombs of knowledge on Brad as he fired away question after question.

Here’s a short introduction to who Jeremy is, and what to expect throughout this episode.

Let’s shake hands…

Jeremy Adams is a visionary, serial entrepreneur and the founder of Prestige Food Trunks, Quantum Media and is now a partner in a new venture called Startup Drugs.

Prestige Food Trucks is the worlds leading custom food truck and trailer manufacturer.

Jeremy founded Prestige Food Trucks at the early age of 22.

Today we’re going to be finding out how he really grew that to scale it is now.

This week’s guest founded various million dollar companies and has rubbed shoulders with likes of Shark Tank’s notorious Kevin Harrington.

Jeremy is now business partners with Kevin Harrington, co-founding Quantum Media.

Quantum Media is a Marketing company, that we dive deep into during this interview.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you interested, Jeremy is now working on a side hustle project called ‘Startup Drugs’.

Which sells kick-a** startup gear, from clothing, canvases, phone cases, office essentials and so much more.

Oh, and one last thing, he’s been named  Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur on Influencive.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Strap-in guys! It’s about to go down.

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