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EP063: How This Influential 25-year-old Has Been Featured in Major Publications and Grown His PR Agency to One of the Largest in NYC w/ Richard Lorenzen

October 02, 2017

This Week’s Guest: Richard Lorenzen

We’re proud to be speaking with the illustrious Richard Lorenzen, who is an American entrepreneur, investor & speaker.

Richard is also the CEO & founder of one of the largest PR firms straight out of New York City, named Fifth Avenue Brands.

Here at Stage One Startup, we’ve worked closely with Fifth Avenue Brands who have politely put us in contact with many of their own clients for this podcast.

Fifth Avenue Brands focuses heavily on media relations serving the tech, finance and policy spaces.

At age 25, Richard is regularly sighted as one the most influential millennials to watch out for in today’s ever-changing entrepreneurial environment.

Richard is constantly featured in the likes of huge publications such as Forbes, Fox News, Business Insider, Inc, Huffington Post and the list truly does go on.

Earlier this year, Richard released his new hit-selling book Surge – Supercharge Your Life, Business & Legacy. Which is aimed at teaching his audience all about business principles that he has learned throughout his journey so far as an entrepreneur.

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Here’s where you can find Richard & Fifth Avenue Brands.

Instagram – Richard Lorenzen

Facebook – Richard Lorenzen

Website –

Website – Fifth Avenue Brands

Purchase Book – Surge – Supercharge Your Life, Business & Legacy


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