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EP060: From Juniorpreneur to Hackapreneur, Mastering All Hats in Business to Perfecting and Scaling Brands Across the Globe w/ Justin Wu

August 21, 2017

This Week’s Guest: Justin Wu

Welcome to our 60th episode!

This is another huge achievement for us, and we’re glad that you could be apart of it.

That’s why we had to pull out all stops for you with this week’s featured guest.

We bring to the show, Justin Wu.

Justin is an Information Architect & Growth Marketer.

He recently founded which is a growth marketing agency straight out of LA (Los Angeles).

We mentioned that he has been crowned the king of hacking social media to boost growth for not just himself, but for his clients as well.

Running parallel to his agency, he also creates content on a daily basis which consists of inspiration and insights on how to generate growth across a number of channels.

Justin has been fortunate enough to work with some of the worlds most illustrious brands.

Including the Wall St Journal, CES, NASA & NASDAQ whilst also being sponsored by Samsung, Intel & New Balance.

The numbers that Justin shared with us are equally impressive, having helped start-ups achieve over $3m in Kickstarter campaigns, 500k downloads in the app store and has taken many SaaS companies to over $100k MRR / $1MM ARR.

Having started his journey at the age of 12, he has come a very long way, and we’re honored to be hearing his wealth of knowledge 15 years in the making.


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What You’ll Learn in This Episode

This episode is filled with essential tips that you can take action on right now! Make sure you that take notes and start right away.

  1. The perfect formula to mastering a social media campaign
  2. How to start any hustle with ease.
  3. Learning how to put on all most every hat in business
  4. The tools & techniques that Justin uses on a daily basis.

Time Stamped Show Notes Part 1

[05:00] Justin kicks the interview off by giving us an in-depth introduction to his journey.

[06:00] At the age of just 12, Justin began to realize his entrepreneurial traits.

[09:30] We find out what made Justin create

[10:40] The topic of coding comes up, and we find out what languages Justin can code in.

[12:20] Justin is classed as the ‘Hackapreneur’ and we find out why.

[14:16] How Justin had to put on a lot of hats to hack his way to the top

[15:00] Justin speaks about a book that has helped him on his journey so far.

[16:15] Having a mental block can cloud your vision, how do you get over it?

[17:30] How Justin managed to obtain the opportunity to speak on a stage sponsored by the likes of Samsung & Intel.

[20:25] What was the validation stage for Justin?

[21:10] Justin reveals how his journey has been pretty solo for a long time.

[21:48] How does Justin go about getting his team organized?

[22:31] Understanding Inbound & Outbound marketing.

[24:15] Has Justin mastered one Social Media channel at a time?

[26:40] Should marketers re-use material?

[27:50] What type of content should our listeners be putting on their Social Media channels?

[28:00] How much money has Justin used to start his latest venture,

[29:00] We speak about raising capital for your startup.

[29:30] What is the process when Justin deals with clients with

[31:30] Is Justin working with his clients on a 1-2-1 basis?

[33:22] Justin explains what Inbound Marketing & Outbound Marketing is

[36:00] We gain a better understanding of what a Personal Brand is.

The 4 Question Rocket Round (We got excited and forgot the fifth)

  1. What book has helped Justin throughout his journey? – Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life by Richard Paul
  2. We class Justin as the ‘hackapreneur‘, so what tools is he using to help with his daily routine?
    1. Design – Inshot App, Quik App
    2. Social – Buffer
    3. Landing Pages – Instapages
    4. Email Automation – Autopilot HQ
    5. Mobile App – Zapier
  3. What is Justin’s definition of success? – To build a something that changes the world and leaves a long-lasting effect.
  4. Can Justin recommend three things that every single startup should consider when starting a business?
    1. Roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty, it’s the best way to generate growth.
    2. Understand your financials as best as possible.
    3. Collaborate with other brands to generate business.

Brad and I got a little bit too excited and forgot to ask the fifth question.

Time Stamped Show Notes Part 2

[51:14] How did Justin come up with the strategy of

[55:40] Has Justin used organic growth to boost his businesses throughout the course of his journey?

[57:00] Running social media campaigns vs organic growth.

[58:15] Strategic ways to grow your personal brand.

[58:35] Should a startup set aside a specific amount in their marketing budget before running social media campaigns.

[1:00:28] Is social media important when running any type of business?

[1:03:33] Resources that Justin uses to help build his business?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Facebook Groups


Networking Opportunities

Justin’s Facebook Group –

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Email –

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