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EP058: Understanding Dropshipping & Learning How-to Make a Seven-Figure Income in Less than 12 Months w/ James Beattie

August 07, 2017

This Week’s Guest: James Beattie

Welcome to this week’s featured episode, we are really excited to be learning about the essentials in drop shipping e-commerce.

One question that myself and Brad have asked each other on numerous occasions is “What is drop shipping?”.

So we thought, why not bring an expert on the show to explain this to us.

The drop shipping industry is something that had no previous knowledge on, we had touched on e-commerce in a few of our previous episodes but we wanted to dive into more detail on drop shipping specifically.

This week’s guest is an absolute genius when it comes to drop shipping and e-commerce, he has a proven track record as his bank account has the figures to prove it.

James Beattie is 20 years of age and lives in Northern Ireland, at age 18 he decided that a corporate career wasn’t going to satisfy his entrepreneurial hunger.

He is going to be telling us how he has built a seven figure business in the space of 1 year through the use of drop shopping.

Although he is only 20 years old, James isn’t an overnight success.

Having started his journey building and “flipping” website on freelancer websites.

Whilst at his corporate job, he learnt how to do a similar process on Instagram, by building and selling pages or ad-space on them.

James is going to be going into a lot of detail on how he turned what was just a by-chance opportunity into a full-scale business.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

This episode is jam packed with essential tips that you can take action on right now, not to mention the free giveaway that James offers at the end of the show.

  1. What drop shipping is, and how to scale a business to earn six figures.
  2. Strategies for growing your drop shipping or e-commerce business.
  3. Social Media Tactics for gaining traffic to your store.

Time Stamped Show Notes Part 1

[03:00] A brief introduction is given by James

[06:00] He tells us about some really bad ideas he has had so far as an entrepreneur.

[07:00] We hear about how James made an extra income by building Instagram accounts.

[08:50] The amount in which James has earned is revealed which brings a shock to our hosts.

[10:22] When James was young, did he notice any entrepreneurial traits?

[12:07] Drop shipping? What is it?

[13:50] James reveals the easiest way to get started in drop shipping.

[15:30] Social Media is one of ways James uses to grow his business, he reveals the trends.

[16:29] AliExpress is great, but there are some warnings.

[17:00] James speaks about how builds a brand, rather than something that is going to fade out.

[19:00] Learn how to deal with suppliers.

[22:14] We speak about how James learned how to get into drop shipping.

[27:00] Why Shopify? Why not another platform like WordPress?

[28:20] Would James consider starting his own brand by utilising his skills?

[29:25] James reveals that he is doing all of this on his own!

[31:40] How does James find the Niche’s that work in drop shipping

The 5 Question Rocket Round

  1. What is the strangest niche that James has found which works? James mentions that ones of the strangest products that has made him over six figures was a toy slingshot. Weird right?
  2. One book that has impacted James on his journey? The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime! by M.J. DeMarco
  3. What does James do in his down-time? James likes to play golf and spend time with his family and friends.
  4. What is James definition of success? James believes that doing something you love every day when you wake up is the key to success.
  5. Is there any advice James would give himself is he could go back in time? Nothing sticks out to James.

Time Stamped Show Notes Part 2

[40:13] What is the level of scale that somebody could go to in this industry?

[41:30] We speak about all things Social Media and how he’s leveraged Facebook to grow his business.

[45:12] Is there any other Social Media network that James would recommend?

[47:00] James speaks about emerging economies.

[47:30] How much does somebody need to get started in this industry?

[48:50] Should people invest in themselves before going into the industry? Like a course for example?

[49:50] James reveals that he has created a free course on drop shipping, check the resources below.

[50:30] We then ask James one last question before he leaves this interview.

How to Contact James?

YouTube Channel – ECOM Insiders

Facebook Group – ECOM Insiders

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

ECOM Insiders Facebook Group

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