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EP057: How to Get Featured on Top Rated Podcasts Around the World and Create Your Own Life W/ Jeremy Slate

July 31, 2017

This Week’s Guest; Jeremy Slate

Do not follow your passion, find your skillset and get so damn good at something you become passionate about it.

Today on the show, we have a fascinating guest who we have been fortunate enough to have been good friends with for some time now.

Jeremy is the Co-Founder of Get Featured which helps individuals get featured on the some of the greatest podcast around the world (including ours, hint hint). Along with his business partner Daniel Geffin, they have both been on the other side of the mic and have been featured in major publications as well as mainstream media.

Both Jeremy and Daniel know first hand how hard it is to be featured on podcasts, having both created their own. Jeremy is the proud host of the Create Your Own Life podcast which has reached over 100,000 downloads in its first year.

He started his journey as a personal trainer while obtaining his theology degree at Oxford University. After getting into what he thought was his dream job of becoming a teacher, he quickly realised that the role wasn’t for him.

Until one day, Jeremy’s wife stumbled upon a network marketing opportunity that he thought was going to make him a millionaire. But, like most network marketing opportunities he worked more hours than in his previous role trying to sell the dream to others.

Blinded by the thought of needing to get his hands on money, he took any opportunity he could get his hands on, not to mention the issues he faced while his mother had fallen ill.

Jeremy’s journey only becomes even more fascinating from there. Which we extensively go into during this interview.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

This episode is jam packed with essential tips that you can take action on right now, not to mention the free giveaway that Jeremy provides at the end of the interview.

  1. How to find your purpose in life and stick with it.
  2. A successful launch of a podcast which guarantee’s success.
  3. Strategies for getting clients to pay high amounts of money for your service.
  4. Working with a business partner that is located on the other side of the world
  5. Getting featured on top rated podcasts.

Time Stamped Show Notes Part 1

[03:15] A brief introduction from Brad on who Jeremy Slate.

[04:02] Jeremy is brought out on to the show and provides our listeners with a more in-depth introduction on his journey so far.

[09:22] Is it okay for an aspiring entrepreneur to quit a project half way through if they decide it’s not the correct path for them.

[10:55] We learn why Jeremy’s first podcast wasn’t so much of success as the Create Your Own Life podcast he now hosts.

[13:24] How to be patient during the process of becoming an entrepreneur.

[15:40] How long was it until Jeremy’s hard work started to pay off for his podcast.

[18:38] He then explains the process of what the New & Noteworthy is and how to get into it.

[19:26] We find out Jeremy’s strategy and how he built a relationship to get Create Your Own Life into the iTunes New & Noteworthy.

[21:00] The interview then gets switched up by going onto the topic of Jeremy’s latest venture which is Get Featured.

[25:01] Greg & Brad reveal that they have had some guests on the show that have come from Get Featured.

[27:00] Jeremy reveals the advantages of creating his own podcast and what it has done for the clients of Get Featured.

[28:50] Brad asks how Jeremy how he managed to get into business with Daniel.

[31:33] How to work correctly with your business partner.

[33:26] He stresses the importance of getting clients first before worrying about being online.

The 5 Question Rocket Round

  1. What is Jeremy’s favourite book throughout his journey? The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss
  2. Tools that Jeremy uses that help his business? Google Drive, Jeremy stresses how amazing the system is for business.
  3. What does Jeremy do in his spare time? Jeremy is an outdoor person and enjoys spending time on hikes.
  4. Which podcast has been his favourite to be featured on? Conscious Millionaire Podcast & Unstoppable Success Radio.
  5. What is Jeremy’s definition of success? For Jeremy, it’s being able to financially free and help the community that surrounds you.

Time-Stamped Show Notes Part 2

[38:00] We discussed when he and Daniel decided on the fee’s they would charge.

[40:33] How did Jeremy and Daniel get their first few clients.

[42:29] Jeremy goes into more detail about the importance of being online and whether or not it’s necessary.

[43:21] We talk about all things design and the brand reputation that goes side by side with that.

[44:02] We’re interested to find out how Jeremy assembled the team behind Get Featured.

[45:45] Does Get Featured guarantee a success rate for clients to get on Top Rates Podcasts?

[46:30] Jeremy discusses the system they have in place for getting the clients featured.

[49:30] What is the end goal for Jeremy and Get Featured.

How to Get in Contact with Jeremy

His Personal Brand Website

Find Jeremy on Twitter

Check Out The Get Featured Website

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

We have been fortunate enough to have been provided with a free checklist from Jeremy on how to be an excellent podcast guest!

Check the link below.

Click Here


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