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EP055: Paving the Way to Success, Understanding What It Takes to Become a Humble Entrepreneur Whilst Giving Back to the Community w/ Mayer Dahan

July 10, 2017

This Week’s Guest: Mayer Dahan

In this episode of Stage One Startup, we hear from a compelling guest in a niche that’s new to the program.

Mayer Dahan, a Los Angeles native, is the real deal in the entrepreneurial world and has the titles to prove it: he’s the founder and CEO of Dahan Properties, the CEO of Prime Five Homes, and the founder of The Dream Builders Project.

As you may have guessed from his list of roles, Mayer is firmly planted in the real estate industry. Less obvious, but equally important, is his focus within this industry. His emphasis is on homes that balance modern luxury and design with eco-friendly priorities and a strong sense of ethics.

Mayer’s commitment to doing good extends far beyond the eco-friendly walls he builds and extends into the realm of merging for-profit and nonprofit ideas together. He describes his nonprofit The Dream Builders Project as a “charity for charities.” This means that it provides funds and services to charities with high-efficiency ratings, ensuring that every dollar donated makes the most difference possible.

If you weren’t already convinced enough of his standing as a successful and ethical entrepreneur, listen to this: he has received Professional Builder Magazine’s “40 Under 40” award, and his properties have been featured in many outlets up to and including Forbes Magazine.

Despite his successes (and some failures, as you’ll hear!), Mayer is down-to-earth and full of insightful advice. In this episode, he freely offers tips, thoughts, and his unique perspective to Stage One Startup listeners.

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Part 1 of 2: We hear about Mayer Dahan’s journey, his perspective on partners and mentors, the process of building eco-friendly homes, and the reality of finances as an entrepreneur.

4:08 — Mayer Dahan introduces himself and tells us more about his journey.

7:23 — We hear more about the structure of Mayer’s setup of combining philanthropy and business.

9:48 — What led Mayer to decide to pursue this over some other business? We hear his perspective on the importance of desperation and the role of failure in the process.

13:01 — Why did Mayer choose to work in LA?

14:36 — Has he rebuilt his own home?

16:10 — What goes into the process of building these homes?

17:38 — Does Mayer think that eco-friendly homes are the way of the future — not just in LA, but around the world?

19:40 — Did Mayer have a circle of influence that played a big part in his journey? We learn his perspective on the issues with putting people on pedestals.

21:48 — Does Mayer have a mentor now? Has he ever had one? And what would his advice be in this regard? He offers some insightful words of wisdom.

23:31 — How hard is it to get started in this industry? What are the first steps?

26:35 — Is Mayer the sole owner of his businesses, or is he in a partnership? He describes how he feels about sharing successes, failures, and glory. We also hear about the value of having partners and of strong teamwork.

30:27 — Is this something that someone with a full-time job or other commitments could do as a side hustle during spare time, with an eye toward gradually moving into it being their main career? Mayer’s perspective of two parallel lives offers valuable insight for potential and current entrepreneurs.

33:09 — Mayer talks about the financial realities of being an entrepreneur.

Rocket Round Q&A (5 Fun Facts about Mayer Dahan)

  • Do you prefer books or audiobooks? Audiobooks all day, it’s not even close.
  • Bonus Question: What’s your favorite audiobook that has helped the most in your journey? He doesn’t really have a favorite, but right now he recommends “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday, and “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini.
  • Is there any app you’re using on your phone on a daily basis to help you get your job done? Dropbox, because he does multiple jobs at a time and this allows him to communicate with his customers.
  • What is your morning ritual? Now that Mayer is in his 30s, it’s more kicked-back than it was when he was in his 20s. He gives himself at least two hours to review emails and phone calls, and take care of himself. It’s important to him to be of healthy mind and to feel good for the rest of the day, because this allows him to make important decisions effectively.
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial idol? If so, who is it? He has a bunch, but he doesn’t want to be political. His final answer is Peter Thiel, although he’s disappointed in Thiel’s decision to support Trump. Regardless, Mayer recommends Thiel’s book “Zero to One.”
  • What is your favorite social media platform? Facebook, because you can have a persona of your own while having your business or charity there as well, and have the roles all working together.

Part 2 of 2: Mayer Dahan describes the tools and techniques he uses that might help listeners. We also learn about his use of social media and his marketing strategies.

43:12 — Which social media platform that would be best or most effective for real estate?

44:45 — Is there any particular social media platform that we can use to find out more about Mayer’s industries? (He recommends finding him or his company on Facebook; links are below!)

45:36 — Are there any platforms that Mayer is using, outside of social media, to keep on top of real estate news and updates?

46:54 — Does Mayer use online advertising? In his answer, Mayer describes his marketing strategy.

47:42 — How does it feel to be featured in Forbes Magazine?

48:47 — What advice does Mayer have for listeners who want to get started in the real estate industry without a lot of initial funds?

51:01 — Mayer lists the ways in which listeners can learn more about his projects and/or contact him directly.

You can find the websites for Mayer Dahan’s companies here:

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The Dream Builders Project: or

Dahan Properties:

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