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EP043: Getting Your Book Published in 90 Days or Less, Tips for Authors & Why You Should be Writing a Book w/ Angela Lauria

April 24, 2017

This Week’s Guest: Angela Lauria

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It’s almost our secret month! If you haven’t been keeping up with us on social media (which you should, by the way), that’s “secret” for “Secret Entourage.” This is our second collaboration, and the structure will be similar to what we did with Fownders in January.

But enough of that for now! We’re very excited for today’s episode with Angela Lauria, the CEO and founder of The Author Incubator. This business helps life coaches and entrepreneurs write, publish, and promote their books in just a few months rather than letting the process drag out for years.

Angela has helped authors earn $10k-$30k per month per book within the first 30 days of publication. She has written over twenty books, and has published almost 200. Her authors through The Author Incubator have been featured widely in outlets as prestigious as Oprah Magazine, the O Network, and the Today Show.

In this episode, she goes into great detail about how she has helped her authors achieve this success, as well as how she’s become successful herself! The episode is packed full of value and actionable tips that apply not only to authors, but to anyone looking to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

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Part 1 of 2: We learn a bit about Angela’s background, and how her struggles with weight taught her valuable lessons about how to approach people. She then offers insights and tips into how to choose your niche, why it’s important to sell before you have a product, and how to stack the deck to ensure a high success rate.

5:47 – Angela starts things off by giving us some background into who she is. She shares her professional journey as well as talking about her experiences and struggles with weight loss.

8:29 – 80% of the marketing is in the way you write the book, Angela says, then explains what she means by this. She then shares the way she approached the author of the book that changed her life in terms of weight loss.

12:04 – Angela’s philosophy is that you need to pick a mountain that you can be the king or queen of. From there, you just let people come to you.

13:15 – Angela talks about how she gets traction for authors who may not already have an established audience. Before her authors are allowed to begin writing their books, they need to get ten beta clients to sign up based on a process that she teaches.

15:46 – We learn what most people who start up companies tend to think when they come to Angela.

18:15 – Angela explains why you get false information when you ask people for their opinions of your idea.

19:18 – We hear about Angela’s early experiences with the Author Incubator. She reveals that out of 256 clients in her first two years, only one actually finished the book. Since changing her approach (and raising her price), 100% of her authors have finished their books.

24:04 – Every person in the program is committed to their mission, which makes everyone else in the program committed to their mission.

25:05 – Angela hasn’t picked the skills on her LinkedIn profile, she explains. She then explains how these skills relate to her current work.

28:30 – Anybody who’s a coach or a consultant is a good fit for The Author Incubator. You can see many of the company’s successful authors on this results page.

30:49 – Has Angela ever thought someone who came to her wasn’t a good match and had to turn them down as clients?

33:26 – The reason there’s a 100% success rate is that Angela stacks the deck. She then talks about the advice her mentor gave her.

Rocket Round Q&A

  1. Approximately how many books has Angela read over the course of her career? Over 5,000, maybe around 5,500.
  2. What’s Angela’s favorite book of all time? If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight? by Brooke Castillo.
  3. What does Angela do in her spare time when she’s relaxing? She reads (as you may have guessed based on her number of books!). She actually reads a book on her iPad or iPhone while simultaneously listening to a book on Audible.
  4. What does success mean to you? “Getting massive, massive results with the teeny, tiniest, most minimal of effort.”
  5. Is there an entrepreneur who Angela looks up to and aspires to be like? She’s sort of obsessed with Steve Jobs because of she’s “kind of an asshole a little like he is.” She then talks about asking herself how much of an asshole she’s willing to be in order to accomplish her goals.

Part 2 of 2: Angela shares more of the nitty gritty of how The Author Incubator works, outlining the structure of her successful 90-day challenge. She then goes into depth about how she found her own clients, and finally, makes it very clear that you don’t need a website (or even a business name) to start becoming successful.

41:40 – What kind of steps does Angela put people through in her 90-day challenge?

45:15 – Angela talks about how she gets her clients to find buyers for their books before having written the books.

46:05 – We learn how Angela found her own clients when she first started the business. She used Facebook Groups, she reveals, and gave free advice to people. Her biggest marketing advice is to “pretend that the person you’re talking to is a real person.”

47:53 – “The website just gives people reasons not to buy,” Angela says, and explains that clients are most likely to convert the minute they hear about you. She then shares her strategy and explains how she got clients.

51:08 – Angela reveals that she made over $100,000 before she put her website up, made an email list, came up with a logo, or even named her company.

52:16 – Angela reiterates that having a website or email list isn’t necessary to sell. In fact, her website was her reward for reaching $100,000.

53:23 – Where can listeners find Angela? For a copy of her book The Difference, you can go to The Author Incubator or you can email her at

Here’s where you can find Angela:

The Author Incubator

On LinkedIn

On YouTube


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