EP042: Creating an Innovative Product That Changes the World and Bridges the Gap Between Languages and People W/ Waverly Labs CEO, Andrew Ochoa

April 17, 2017

This Week’s Guest: Andrew Ochoa

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We have an incredible guest for you today — someone who’s doing truly world-changing things. Andrew Ochoa, the CEO of Waverly Labs, is the leader of the team behind the Pilot. In case you haven’t heard of this forthcoming device, it’s an earpiece designed to translate speech in real time, allowing you to have a conversation with someone even if you don’t have any languages in common.

We came across Andrew and Waverly Labs through their Indiegogo campaign for the Pilot, which has already reached almost $4.5 million across nearly 20,000 backers. That in itself is testament to how incredible the device is, but if you need still more convincing, how about this: Waverly Labs has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, HuffPo, Mashable, and many more.

While this episode is a bit shorter than our usual, it’s absolutely packed full of valuable insights and fascinating information about this incredible product. Listen in to learn more about how you may be able to effortlessly communicate across language barriers in just a few short months!

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In this show: Andrew explains what the Pilot is and how he and his team decided to create a product filling this particular need. He also gives us some important details about the Pilot (such as when it will be shipped and what languages it will cover), as well as offering advice and insight to entrepreneurs interested in the tech field.

4:32 – Andrew starts things off by telling us a bit about himself and talking about the concept of the Pilot earpiece.

5:27 – We hear more about the motivation behind the Pilot: solving a global challenge.

6:02 – Waverly Labs is currently just focused on the Pilot, but may expand in the future.

6:38 – What spurred the idea of creating Pilot?

7:46 – Andrew talks about how much money they’ve raised and what his experiences with Indiegogo have been like.

8:36 – We learn more about the process behind the Indiegogo campaign.

12:07 – Andrew discusses their validation process for the Pilot. The Indiegogo community was part of their validation, he explains.

14:14 – They’ve launched early versions of the software on Android and iOS already, partly to help educate the community on how speech translation works.

15:28 – The product currently focuses on five languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. In the future, they’ll expand to more languages.

16:22 – Andrew briefly talks us through the process of using the Pilot, which comes with two earpieces to make it simple to use.

17:11 – Will the app work for texting in different languages?

18:24 – Andrew talks about his thoughts on being bought out in the future, which he’s reluctant to think about because he prefers not to look that far ahead.

20:24 – What advice can Andrew give to an entrepreneur looking to build his or her own tech startup? In his answer, he emphasises the importance of having a strong, solid team.

21:49 – Andrew explains that Pilot is an intense project in and of itself, so Waverly Labs isn’t currently focusing on any other products. In the future, though, they want to work on crazy things.

22:31 – Andrew discusses the timeline for launching the Pilot. He reveals that sales will soon transition from Indiegogo to their own website, at which point the price will go up. The first shipment is currently on schedule to go out in late May.

Here’s where you can find Andrew:



Waverly Labs

Pre-order your Pilot here


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