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EP037: From Corporate Executive at Coca-Cola to Passionpreneur & Serving a Higher Purpose w/ Paul Higgins

March 13, 2017

This Week’s Guest: Paul Higgins

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Today, we have an episode that’s perfect for anyone who has transitioned (or is thinking about transitioning) from the corporate world into entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for support or guidance on how to do this and which direction to take, this is the episode for you!

Paul Higgins, who hails from Australia, offers his inspirational story. He left the corporate world, in which he had worked for Coca-Cola, in 2011 to become an entrepreneur. For the next five years he fumbled and made mistakes, which gives him unique insight into being able to help others who are making the transition.

Eventually he joined a mastermind group, and immediately saw results. He then turned to fill a niche: helping other people like him with their journeys from corporate roles to success as entrepreneurs. He does this primarily through his Facebook community, Build Live Give. And if all that weren’t impressive enough already, keep in mind that Paul achieved all of this while battling a hereditary and fairly serious health condition (which he’ll describe in this episode).

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Part 1 of 2: We learn about Paul’s corporate history, and how he transitioned into being an entrepreneur (including some mistakes he made along the way). He also talks about how his health has impacted his journey and choices, and the importance of your relationships with your circle of influence and your family or significant other.

4:54 – Paul tells us more about his path so far, and touches on the transition from corporate to entrepreneur.

6:31 – We hear more about the types of mistakes Paul made when trying to go from corporate worker to entrepreneur.

8:46 – Paul was used to joint venture deals, he explains, and talks about how his assumptions led him to waste two years. He also describes the goal of the Build Live Give community.

10:28 – One of the key reasons Paul left corporate was for his health. He then talks about two things that corporate does well and entrepreneurs tend to struggle with.

13:12 – Paul talks about his projects in a little more depth.

14:53 – We learn more about Paul’s health condition, polycystic kidney disease. He also explains how this has contributed to his choices to be an entrepreneur.

18:38 – Paul shares a story about overhearing his son’s answer to being asked what his dad does, and what the changed answer means to him.

21:07 – What does Paul’s wife think of all this?

22:59 – Paul shares his thoughts on the importance of having a strong and supportive circle of influence around you.

24:58 – How would Paul say participating in a mastermind group helped him?

Rocket Round Q&A

  1. What’s your favorite Facebook group that gives the best returns on questions? Other than his own Build Live Give community, he recommends Dan Norris’ Facebook group.
  2. What do you do when you’re chilled out? He loves sports (including with his kids) and bike rides.
  3. How do you define success? Making your mark, whether in the local community or on a national or global level.
  4. What one tip would you give listeners who are thinking about jumping from corporate to their own business? Find who you want to target, and then really understand their fears, frustrations, desires, and key pain points. Create a solution for that, not one that works for you.
  5. Whose is your favorite podcast to listen to? Paul listens to a lot of podcasts, but particularly recommends Tim Ferriss’ podcast, as well as The Twenty Minute VC with Harry Stebbings.

Part 2 of 2: Paul gets more into the details of being an entrepreneur. He addresses how to get started, and gives great insight into social media (especially Facebook). He also emphasizes the value of efficiency, and the benefits that a VA can offer.

31:29 – How does Paul recommend people double down on the work they do in less time? In his answer, Paul goes over the five drivers he focuses on. These are: 1. Personal productivity. 2. Your ideal client. 3. Your business model. 4. Sales. 5. A high-performing team. He then goes into more depth on the personal productivity topic.

34:23 – What would Paul recommend for people looking to break into his industry? He emphasizes the importance of adding value first.

36:24 – Paul shares his advice on running a successful Facebook group, which includes turning away people who won’t be fully engaged.

37:40 – How often does Paul make his own contributions to the group? He answers, and then goes on to expand on doing well on Facebook, social media engagement, and adding value in this context.

41:16 – Most of Paul’s Facebook traffic has been word of mouth, he explains, but he’s about to launch a Build Live Give podcast.

42:38 – Paul talks about how he chose his mastermind.

45:13 – What does Paul do to ensure he’s as productive as possible with the least amount of time? One piece of advice he gives his club members is to have something in sight asking, “Can my VA do this?”

49:31 – Where can listeners find Paul, and how can they get in contact with him?

Here’s where you can find Paul:




Build Live Give on Facebook


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