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EP033: How Creating A Successful Business, Ditching Corporate & Starting a Family is Possible w/ Kelly Roach

February 15, 2017

This Week’s Guest: Kelly Roach

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Now, onto this episode! Our guest this time is the vibrant Kelly Roach, who you may recognize as the host of Unstoppable Success Radio. In addition to the podcast, she has an incredible range of accomplishments under her belt. She’s a former NFL cheerleader and Fortune 500 executive who was promoted seven times in eight years. Her book, Unstoppable, is an 11-time international bestseller that managed to beat Tony Robbins off the #1 spot in Amazon’s nonfiction category. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Impressively, she has also found a way to effectively balance entrepreneurship and motherhood without sacrificing either. While her daughter, Madison, was a newborn, Kelly doubled her business — and was even able to retire her husband. In our conversation, she shares how she managed this, and provides invaluable advice for anyone else who wants to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Part 1 of 2: Kelly tells us about who she is, how her background prepared her for her current life, and how she got started in her business. We also learn about how she balances entrepreneurship with motherhood, and why being an entrepreneur never stops making you nervous.

6:41 – Kelly shares a bit more about herself, and talks about what she’s doing now.

8:40 – What made Kelly quit being an NFL cheerleader to become an entrepreneur instead?

10:42 – We hear about how Kelly’s time as a cheerleader helped prepare her to do what she’s doing today.

11:47 – Kelly walks us through the steps she took from being an NFL cheerleader to becoming part of the corporate world. She also talks about the key to her promotions.

13:28 – How did Kelly’s first experience with a coaching client go — and how did it feel?

15:09 – Even though Kelly comes across as incredibly confident, she felt (and still feels) nervous about various aspects of being an entrepreneur.

16:36 – The stakes get higher and higher as you grow your business, so you don’t end up getting any less nervous with experience, Kelly explains.

17:58- Kelly talks about her beginnings in coaching and how long it took her to get regular clients. She talks about how she built momentum and shares her thoughts on advertising.

20:02 – We hear Kelly’s thoughts on startups getting into advertising, driving visibility, and growing their business.

22:42 – Kelly discusses podcasting at Unstoppable Success Radio, how addictive it is, and how she works on making her podcast as great as it can possibly be.

24:47 – We hear about the roles of each of the five people on Kelly’s team.

28:09 – How does Kelly find good people for her team, and knowing they’re the right people to trust with specific tasks?

30:58 – Kelly prefers the new school of thinking; team members show their value by adding value, rather than her being the boss who orders everyone else around.

32:10 – Kelly shares how she balanced everything when she found out she was pregnant, and after her daughter was born.

34:07 – We hear about Kelly’s circle of influence, especially her husband, who was trusting and supportive throughout the process.

35:52 – There aren’t as many social rules anymore, so it’s easier to decide with your partner what’s right for your family.

39:02 – Why did Kelly decide to write a book, and what went into the process?

40:24 – Kelly talks about the time she put into writing her book, and the value she’s gotten out of it.

Rocket Round Q&A

  1. What book or audiobook has helped you progress as an entrepreneur? Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
  2. What sounds or music help you get in the zone? Kelly needs quiet when she works.
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time, when you aren’t working? Right now, enjoying quality time with her family is what brings Kelly the most happiness.
  4. Who is your entrepreneurial idol? Tony Robbins.
  5. What is your definition of success? “Having your inside world align with your outside world.”

Part 2 of 2: We hear Kelly’s thoughts on mentorship, social media, and increasing a podcast’s success and outreach. She also shares the tools she and her team use, and offers listeners a free resource.

45:24 – Kelly talks about mentorships for startups in their early stages.

46:34 – In The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, Kelly has over a hundred training audio and videos.

47:17 – Kelly offers her insight and advice into creating a course.

48:35 – We hear about how to increase a podcast’s reach. Her #1 piece of advice is to be a guest on other people’s shows.

51:46 – How important does Kelly think it is for a startup to invest in some form of social media?

53:23 – Kelly discusses repurposing podcast episodes on social media. She points out that good content is evergreen, and says it’s a good idea to continue sharing them over time.

54:02 – Some tools Kelly and her team use include Edgar (for social media) and Basecamp (for organizing tasks). She also offers some advice for strategies on getting in front of an audience and being engaging.

56:22 – What does Kelly think that we, at Stage One Startup, should start doing?

58:22 – Kelly talks about how building a personal experience creates a better relationship between you and your audience.

60:46 – Where can listeners find Kelly or get in touch with her? She suggests reading The Automation Secrets Report by texting “automation report” to 44222, or going to if you’re not in the United States.

Here’s where you can find Kelly:




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