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EP019: Part 2 – A Startup’s Tool Guide for Building Your Online Presence w/ Founder of HDF Magazine

November 10, 2016

matt gottesman

EP019: Part 2 – A Startup’s Tool Guide for Building Your Online Presence w/ Founder of HDF Magazine

Today’s Guest: Matt Gottesman

Digital disrupter Matt Gottesman is back by popular demand…and quite simply, because we couldn’t fit everything into part 1 of this episode…

If you haven’t listened to Part 1 with Matt yet, go and do so first! Click here for Part 1 of 2

In this episode, once again Matt brings a wealth of practical, inspirational and tried-and-tested advice for anyone looking to establish an online presence.

Covering everything from getting started on a website, through to choosing which social media platforms to use, this episode continues to provide something of a reference for anyone starting out, or wanting to re-assess their digital presence.

Let’s get into Round 2!

Part 2 of 2: A Startup’s tool guide for getting started online. We talk the tools and techniques that Matt uses for HDF Magazine and that he recommends startups focus on for their business.

2:59 Just how important is it for start-ups to have an online presence? Matt explains the importance of creating and maintaining an online presence, understanding your niche and portraying why you love what you do.

4:35 Matt emphasizes the importance of not losing the personal touch when using online platforms.

5:11 For a start-up setting up a website, is it better to start basic or put more effort into creating a professional-looking site? Matt highlights that it is better to produce something clean and easy to follow, not focusing on being ‘too perfect’ right away.

7:00 Adding more detail to the above, Matt advises keeping a first website simple, and explains the ‘essentials’ including an about us page, call-to-action/contact us, and a first blog to get things started.

8:35 Are there any online platforms or courses that you have found to help to create a better business model? Here Matt unveils how he did things the long way, and analyses the pros and cons of current online programs and courses.

11:40 Which online tools are you using on a day-to-day basis that helps you get the job done? Matt explains that while he uses a host of programs, some of the more ‘old-school’ tools work best for him such as email, messenger, and group text messaging.

13:36 Matt also introduces a few handy online platforms such as Canva which helps him to create free banners, lead pages, etc.

15:11 Everyone should try different programs and tools to find what works for them! Matt explains how he uses WordPress and Shopify lots!

15:40 Getting into social media, aside from Instagram, are there any other social media platforms that you invest a lot of time into? Matt says that you should find which platform works for your niche, and where your audience is most active.  

17:08 Matt explains the need to tweak content according to the platform you are working on.

18:02 For start-ups looking to grow and become established, a lot wonder whether its best to invest in paid advertisements, PR, online/advertising…What are your thoughts? Matt explains that before getting into paid media, you should understand your audience better, and use your content to get to know what works best.

19:00 Matt explains that while growing, you may hit a wall, so cross-promotion and potentially paid media can then come into play.

19:50 Matt talks about influencers and the part they can play in driving traffic to your platform.

20:36 The balance between paid and social media is essential…

20:55 PR is a tricky one, and Matt gives his opinion on how some PR people have forgotten to be influencers themselves.

24:00 The power of your distribution! Matt discusses the power of building up your distribution network, and how it can be a perfect PR tool!

26:20 For a start-up looking to get into digital media. What sort of advice would you give them as a start up? It’s all about diving in and starting to create!

27:50 Accept that you’ll never be fully prepared, Matt says, so instead get on with the work now, and adapt and change as you understand your audience more.

29:00 It’s all hustle and action! Many people are focused on getting results. Matt talks how people are driven by money when it’s the inner passion what keeps the vision alive!  

32:03 While growing a brand, Matt discusses how you may learn additional skills that could be useful – and sellable – to others.

34:40 It’s all about the support…Matt discusses the overall journey of starting up, and the importance of support throughout.

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