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EP017: Creating ENTRPRNR, a Lifestyle Apparel Company for Entrepreneurs, $100K in Sales in First Year & Getting Stars to Wear Your Brand w/ Andres Ocampo

October 29, 2016

This Week’s Guest: Andres Ocampo, Co-Founder of ENTRPRNR

If you’re listening to this podcast, chances are you’re a current or aspiring entrepreneur. But have you ever noticed that there isn’t a uniform for entrepreneurs? Well… there hasn’t been – until now.

Andres Ocampo, today’s guest on our podcast, noticed exactly that and decided to do something about it. At 19 years old, along with his business partner David – launched ENTRPRNR , a lifestyle apparel company dedicated to the hustlers, doers, makers, moguls, founders and all round entrepreneurs creating businesses with a purpose.

Andres, who was born in Cali, Colombia (which he points out is the setting for the Netflix hit Narcos), moved to Miami as a child and has lived there ever since. While in college in Florida, an early failure of another idea led him to come up with the concept of ENTRPRNR.

Instead of falling into the easy trap of putting off the idea for later, he and David launched the company in May 2015 with just $3,000. They began with an order of just 108 shirts and used Andres’ mother’s living room as their first workspace.

Their idea and hard work paid off, with $100,000 in sales in the first 12 months. The brand’s reach now encompasses celebrities including Flo Rida and Travis Barker.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Andres recounting how he started the brand, offering tips that he wishes he had known in the beginning, and explaining the value of social media. Perhaps most importantly, he both directly and indirectly explores his inspiring and motivational motto: “Stagnancy is the enemy, action is king.”

Part 1 of 2: Andres describes his background and gives us a sense of just how far ENTRPRNR Lifestyle have come since their launch in May 2015. He also discusses sales venues, startup funding, and the vital importance of the hustle.

5:29 — Andres tells us a bit about who he is and his background.

7:49 — We hear about Andres’ achievements thus far, and the brand’s wins in the past few months.

11:28 — Is the company’s quick success due to the power of the internet?

12:31 — Does the brand have a store yet, or is it still all online?

14:30 — Why did Andres get into the apparel industry, and why did he create a lifestyle brand correctly?

18:20 — Why did Andres decide to build this business with a partner rather than being the sole owner?

20:07 — What goes into the actual creation of the clothes? We hear about finding a printer and the process of ordering the first shirts.

22:44 — How was all of this funded?

24:58 — How much initial inventory does someone starting an apparel company need to buy? How many pieces of clothing did Andres’ company order in the first stages? How long did it take to sell that first batch?

26:19 — How important is it for an entrepreneur (or a startup) to have a mentor in the early stages?

28:03 — How many hours a day were Andres and his business partner David working on ENTRPRNR Lifestyle in the beginning?

31:00 — How much is Andres working at his serving job now? And how much is he working on ENTRPRNR Lifestyle?

34:14 — Who was in Andres’ circle of influence around the birth of ENTRPRNR?

Rocket Round Q&A

  1. A favorite clothing designer who you look up to most? Andres is more drawn to a brand than one particular designer: it’s BALR, a Dutch clothing brand founded by football players.
  2. Who is your favorite entrepreneurial idol right now? Richard Branson. Andres can relate to him and admires him both professionally and personally.
  3. What is your favorite social media platform, and why? Instagram, which is where the company was built.
  4. Books or audiobooks? Physical books, except in cars and planes.
  5. What is your best piece of advice to a startup now? “Action is king. Take action and don’t look back. You will always be able to adjust the course after you’ve started, but if you never set sail, there’s nowhere to go.”

Part 2 of 2: We learn about the nitty gritty of how Andres runs ENTRPRNR. He describes his strategies for reaching customers, his use of social media, and his sales funnels. Finally, he provides tips for anyone trying to break into the apparel industry.

41:11 — What did Andres do online in the early stages, and what does he do now, to create momentum for ENTRPRNR?

43:04 — What’s the process of setting up an appealing website, creating content, and getting visitors to your site?

45:07 — What strategies did Andres use to get customers in the early stages?

46:50 — Have Andres and David run any online ads for ENTRPRNR?

47:37 — Are there tools they’re using to help with e-commerce? Andres describes his use of Wunderlist (

48:49 — How did Andres get the ENTRPRNR brand in front of celebrities and influential people?

50:16 — Andres describes his use of social media platforms for ENTRPRNR. Does he think Instagram is the best platform for someone entering the apparel industry?

53:00 — Andres talks us through his past, current, and future sales funnels and describes what they have offered to new customers.

54:55 — What actionable tips can Andres provide for startups in the apparel industry?
57:40 — The hosts offer a special surprise for listeners (see S1S Announcement below!)

Special S1S Announcement!

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