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EP014: Part 1 – How Dinesh Kandanchatha Built, Exited, Led and Invested in Over 13 Companies

October 29, 2016

EP014: How Dinesh Kandanchatha Built, Exited, Led and Invested in Over 13 Companies – Part 1

This Week’s Guest


So then everybody this week we have the pleasure of interviewing Dinesh Kandanchatha, he is a founder, mentor, speaker, investor and above all else, another all-around entrepreneur.

Dinesh has built, exited, led & invested in over 13 companies – if there is anything to know about transforming your business from stage one to success, Dinesh is the no.1 guy. He has a theory that every business should pass a simplicity test which we are going to talk about in the early part of this show.

Dinesh is passionate about the prospect of a business connection over anything else. He believes firmly in transformative coffee after making some of his best and most valuable business relationships over a casual chat in a coffee shop. He’s not just an investor that sits on the sidelines; he is in business with you.

Aside from being an all-around entrepreneur, Dinesh is also the operator of Macadamian where he leads business development at one of the hottest product consultancies in Canada. As a speaker & mentor, Dinesh provides actionable insights to fellow leaders growing their business but also focuses on product creation, organizational leadership, product marketing, contract negotiations and a whole manner of other things that are important when launching your business successfully.

So now it’s time to get your phones at the ready and head on over to the first round of questions!

Part 1 of 2 (Part 2 Released on Wednesday 5th October 2016): We talk the hustle & how Dinesh Kandanchatha built his legacy

3:15 – Dinesh gives a more detailed introduction and tells our listeners who he is and what he hopes he can give to our listeners as first-time startups.

4:05 – Dinesh goes into more detail about the “Simplicity Test” and why all businesses should have to pass this before seeking out investment.

8:34 – The stages that Dinesh took to become an entrepreneur (The Startup Lifecycle)

14:10 – We find out how long it took for Dinesh to build a 200 million dollar business.

14:34 – Intro over, we go into the first round of questions.

14:51 – What made Dinesh take the investor route.

17:06 – What was Dinesh’s circle of influence like and was they behind his vision.

21:40 – How Dinesh finds a balance between Entrepreneurship & Family.

22:31 – Do you have to have a certain personality to be a particular investor?

25:25 – Why Dinesh takes the personal approach when looking to investing in businesses, i.e. the “Let’s have coffee.”

29:26 – Is it essential to have your own business experience before going into the investment side of entrepreneurship

32:40 – Is there anything in particular that Dinesh look’s for in business before he decided to invest.

34:22 – Is there a given time scale that Dinesh also look’s for in receiving his return on investment.

35:28 – What type of techniques Dinesh uses to grow his business other than an injection of cash.

40:53 – What should a business plan look like for investors. But also, should businesses have a 5-year plan or isn’t it necessary to think that far ahead in business.

44:08 – How much time did Dinesh invest in him and his business in the beginning stages.

47:03 – Dinesh reveals how many business he’s created, helped grow and exited.

49:00 – Part 1 ends!

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