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EP004: Creating a SaaS Business, Snappa The Easiest Graphic Design Tool w/ Christopher Gimmer

October 28, 2016

Christopher Gimmer: EP004: Creating a SaaS Business, Snappa The Easiest Graphic Design Tool

Today’s Guest: Today we have the pleasure of bringing to the show Christopher Gimmer who is the co-found of Snappa, one of the easiest Graphic Design tool on the internet today, it focuses on helping marketers and small business owners create highly engaging graphics without the help of a graphic designer.

Who is Christopher Gimmer?: Chris has not always been an Entrepreneur especially through his years of growing up. But there came a time when he realized there was more to life than crunching numbers every single day in a job that he no longer had a passion for. After taking some time out from the corporate lifestyle, he traveled some of the most exotic places in the world, once he returned, Chris decided to get his head down and create something he was passionate about.

Chris’s Journey: Chris launched his first project with his business partner Mark who is also the co-founder of Snappa, their first project was a student dating site called Classmatecatch, they managed to acquire over 1000 users in their first few months but had difficulty scaling the business. In 2014, Chris & Mark decided they were going to use what they had learned through the startup stages to create their next venture that being Bootstrap bay, which was a marketplace for premium themes and templates. These boys were able to grow Bootstrap Bay to over 10k a month in revenue just six months after launching. Chris & Mark weren’t satisfied enough, so they decided to create Snappa.

In this show, you will learn:

  • Why Chris pinpointed Snappa as his thing over the other business ventures
  • What drove Chris and what his purpose was with building Snappa
  • How Chris built his first business on the side of his day job & how he made the transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • Chris’ views on whether to build a business on the edge of a day job or not especially in the SaaS niche
  • How Chris dealt with family support throughout the startup stages
  • How Chris took a one-year absence leave from work and used that time to build his business
  • How today, you can start a business with zero or minor funding, and by utilizing the utilization of the Internet
  • The advantages of our generation vs. our parents & grandparents generation regarding taking the entrepreneurial route
  • How much time Chris invested into building Snappa
  • How Chris focused heavily on customer feedback and customers problems to create Snappa and make it the easiest graphic design tool
  • How long until Chris saw results with Snappa
  • How Chris got around 300 sign ups instantly when he launched Snappa’s paid membership fee after a free trial
  • How Chris’ earlier business venture BootstrapBay allowed him & his business partner to leave their jobs and focus on scaling Snappa from the get-go
  • Is a website a necessity to a startup
  • Do you need to on every single Social Media platform to successful

Chris’s Rocket Round Q&A

  1. Book or Audio & Which? E-Book: Lean Customer Development by Cindy Alvarez & Traction by Gabriel Weinberg
  2. Recommended App for Startups? Trello & Slack
  3. Best advice to Startup? 1. Validate your assumption before building additional products 2. Take Action
  4. What would you say to your 16-year-old self? Make the jump earlier
  5. Who is your favorite entrepreneurial idol? Rob Walling – Lead Pages Founder

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