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EP002: Arthur Luke – Branding Expert & Serial Entrepreneur

October 28, 2016

Show Notes

Arthur Luke: Ep 002: How to Become a Branding Expert and Win Over Your Potential Clients.

Today’s Guest: Today’s guest, Arthur Luke, is the definition of the word “Entrepreneur”. You can find today’s guest at ; Arthur is a branding expert, blogger, and serial entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in helping some of the world’s largest brands, as well as some of the smallest startups find success.

Who is Arthur?: Arthur has been lucky enough to work with the likes of BBC, Coca-Cola, Toyota, BT, Penguin Books and much more! Arthur has been many things during his time as an Entrepreneur such as; Bus conductor, A shipyard boilermaker, a welder, and more which Arthur mentions during the show. By the age of 10! Arthur started to run his very own business; this is where he realised he was an entrepreneur at heart. He has created his Publishing company, he has run his design company he has been Creative Director of the world’s biggest branding agency, he has been a space tourism expert, and he is also a blues musician in his spare time and as you can see is a lifelong hustler and entrepreneur.

Arthur’s Journey: Becoming an entrepreneur in his childhood although he wasn’t always sure at the time. He once lived in Australia, and he started a golf balling business at just the age of 10. As he grew up, he wanted to try everything such as; Civil Servant, Publishing Company, Design Company, Software Company. He went into Branding in 1972, where he worked for Terence Conran, and since then used to work for some of the biggest design companies in London. Then to top it all off he’s been a Blues Musician in his band!

In this show, you will learn:

  • Why Branding is so important for any business

  • Why finding an audience for your business, first is so important

  • Is it safe to run a business on enthusiasm

  • What was the motivation for Arthur to push his ideas

  • How to deal with difficult family members and friends who don’t understand your ideas

  • Are mentors essential for Startups to invest in

  • How time is needed for you to spend when starting out

  • How to have a clear message for your audience to understand better

  • How to find out what your passion is and learn how to create a business from it

  • Is it important to get a job on the side while working on your hustle

  • How Arthur was funding his businesses in the starting stages

  • Is bootstrapping a good idea for early stage startups

  • How taking calculated risks can be beneficial and essential for startups looking to scale

  • How to have your foot in the door within multiple niches

  • What Social Media is Arthur’s Favourite for boosting Lead Gen

  • What should you be doing to start within the Branding niche?

Arthur’s Rocket Round Q&A

  1. Book or Audio & Which? Book: Tribes by Seth Godin & Made to Stick by Chip Heath

  2. Recommended App for Startups? Instagram

  3. Best advice to Startup? 1. Build your audience before making the product 2. Don’t Sell, Inspire! 3. Make Branding critical within your business.

  4. What would you say to your 22-year-old self? Don’t be limited by the limitations and beliefs of your friends and family, go with dreams.

  5. Who is your favourite entrepreneurial idol? JK Rowling (Author of the Harry Potter franchise)

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