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These three little letters (SEO) can make it or break it when it comes to growing visibility of your website and improving your search engine rankings. No matter how useful and superb your product or service might be, you still need to promote it. Your website is the best place to start. In order to stand out among the sea of competitors, your content, no matter how amazing it is, has to be carefully optimised so that it can reach your target audience.

That’s where SEO comes in. To skyrocket your website to the first page of Google. Still, lots of startups don’t take advantage of the power of search optimization, which usually proves fatal to their marketing efforts.

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Those of you that have been following us for some time now, will realise that we have invested a lot of our time in learning the ropes to Instagram for business.

We started out by using it as a platform to document our journey as two entrepreneurs building a business. After 3 months, we managed to grow our following to an impressive 17,000+. The aim was to inspire those aspiring entrepreneurs so that they could get an insight on what it takes to build a business. After realising what a great tool Instagram was for more exposure, conversions, website traffic and engagement with our audience – we decided to focus a lot more time into using the app as an essential tool for our business, alongside other social media channels.

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