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What is Stage One Startup?

Stage One Startup has been created and designed to help you, as a startup to launch your business – the right way. We host a seasonal business podcast interviewing some of the most influential and innovative entrepreneurs around the globe. We get to hear about their journey from the beginning of their entrepreneurial career, to what they were doing to kick-start their startup from idea to thriving business. As a startup, you will walk away from an hour’s episode w/ a handful of actionable tips, tools & advice, to help you leverage and implement into your own business plan.

Tune in every Monday via iTunes, or via the Podcast page where you will also be able to follow time-stamped show notes and links referred to in each show.

More About The Hosts.

Greg Nicholls

Co-Founder / Co-Host

I’m a complete geek, nerd, and dork. I’ve been obsessed with being completely different to everybody else, for as long as I can remember. Since a young child, I knew I was destined for better things, and I knew one day that it would come. I’m beginning to realize that it comes with a price and a lot of hard work! It’s great 😀

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Skill Set



  • I was PC, now I'm Mac.

    I was a through & through PC boy. I’m now a complete Mac nerd, not sure if I could go back.

  • I've read every single Harry Potter book.

    I’m not ashamed of this.

  • The first ever film I watched was E.T.

    At the age of 2 I kicked the screen when we all thought E.T. died.

  • Bit of a geek tbh

    #nerdandproudbaby. Used to be a right f*cker at school. Fights, misbehaving, you name it. Now I’ve grown up, I ain’t in to all that – I just wanna be alone with my technology and computers. Is that too much to ask?

Bradley Morley

Co-Founder / Co-Host

Hey! So I’ll save you from the BS that you really need to know about me. The personal things that nobody gives AF about. All you should know is that I love creating + designing things. So if you have a project you think we can work on together to bring to life, amazing. Let me hear it. If you have something that needs designing from logos to other types of branding, to social ad campaigns for your brand all the way through to designs for your clothing? HIT. ME. UP. Let’s make some magic.

I also love selling things. I get a great buzz out of hearing the cha-ching notification on my phone if it’s from Shopify to PayPal or whether it’s from selling some items on eBay. Can’t beat the old hustle!

I also love expanding my network of creative individuals, founders, artists, designers, visionaries, startups, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and more. Whether you’re a mentor to me or somebody I can help – I want you in my network.

You can hit me on my personal IG anytime.

Anyway thanks for being here – and if you’ve checked out the show, I appreciate you a lot! Fave ep? Email me pls.

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Skill Set



  • I know how to play the guitar.

    I self taught myself how to play the guitar. Thank the lord for YouTube.

  • I am a fashion enthusiast

    Most men can’t stand shopping. Me on the other hand, love it.

  • Determined.

    Obsessed with making the world a better place.

  • Yes I'd rather be at home making money than out spending it

    I fell out of contact with a lot of my old buddies cause I never went out after a certain age. I chose to stay in to work on my dream. Tbh? I love it. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good time anymore, cause I still do it every now and then and enjoy a good p*ss up when it’s needed. But I sorted my priorities out at a young age and what mattered most to me. Plenty of life left in me to enjoy the finer things once I’ve earned them.

The cringiest podcast episode ever.

You have to listen to our first ever episode of The Stage One Startup Podcast; it has to go down in history as one of the most cringiest first episodes in the podcasting industry! But none the less, it does reveal a lot about who we are and what Stage One Startup is. So go ahead and listen for yourself, it’s worth the laugh at our expense ?

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