7 Tips To Inspire Creativity And Avoid Mental Blocks

Mental blocks are definitely a pain when you need that inspiring creativity.

When your mind prevents you from completing any task it can be frustrating. When it starts affecting your work it’s a double whammy.

Mental blocks create a vicious circle of negativity from which it can be difficult to break free.

For those relying upon innovation to keep their business moving forward, a top priority must be banishing mental block and getting those creative juices flowing.

Read these seven tips for avoiding mental blocks to keep your mind razor sharp and ahead of the competition:

1# Two Heads are Better Than one

It may be an old saying but it might just bring new ideas to the forefront of your mind.

By organizing brainstorming sessions, you will prevent mental blocks and spur on creativity.

Bring together colleagues, employees or even friends on a regular basis. Discuss concepts and their thoughts to keep your brain motivated.

Networking is another great way to inspire innovation. Talk to clients or meet up with other local business owners in your community.

2# Take a Timeout

Everyone knows if you push yourself too hard eventually something is going to give.

A burn out will make the simplest of tasks seem challenging. It will reduce performance and increase the threat of losing your creative flare.

Taking a vacation may seem like a crazy idea, but trust me, your mind will thank you for it.

Even if you really can’t afford to take a full blown vacation, studies suggest that even short breaks away from your screen improve mental focus.

Make sure you take a timeout on a regular basis to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind.

3# Steer Clear of Distraction

Distraction is one cause of a breakdown in concentration and focus.

For your imagination to flourish you need to be able to think clearly. It’s all too easy to lose your train of thought through a constant barrage of phone calls, messages and social media interruptions.

Make a point of opting for “do-not-disturb” and turn off notifications for a set period each day. A sense of calm will prevent a busy mind blocking originality.

4# Go Back to School

If you ever needed inspiration have you thought about learning a new skill?

Broadening your mind will open up new possibilities and widen your knowledge. A greater understanding will lead you to approach things differently and give you an alternative viewpoint.

The plus point: today’s modern world allows us to learn anywhere.

To prove it doesn’t have to be a ball and chain commitment check out the wide variety of apps or websites online where you can opt to learn at your own convenience. Websites like offer free online courses in any number of subjects and are great resources for furthering your personal and professional development.

Get yourself out there and make a point to learn something new every day.

5# Google it

The internet is the biggest library on the planet, a mine of information and inspiration. Think of all that potential creativity which could be yours with the click of a mouse.

Being creative is about pulling different ideas together to form new and innovative concepts. This is where the internet demonstrates what a resourceful tool it is.

Take some time out of your day to “go random”. Search the World Wide Web and mental blocks will be dragged and dropped into the trash in no time.

6# Change Your Scenery

Humans are creatures of habit. Sometimes this can be a good thing. But habits also cause negativity and that’s why you need to reassess your situation.

Sitting at the same desk day in day out can have a huge impact on your creativity. Let’s face it, does your office inspire you?

Have you ever heard of the proverb “a change is as good as a rest”?

Switch offices, desk hop with a colleague or have a day working from home.

If you keep changing the four walls you stare at all day you will barricade the blocks not the inspiration.

7# Keep Positive with a Plan

To me, one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs would have to be Sir Richard Branson. His successful business career is down to pure creativity.

He is never far away from a notebook and pen. Noting down a list of things to do each day helped him shape his business into what it is today.

In the words of Sir Richard:

“Each day I work through these lists. By ticking off each task, my ideas take shape and plans move forward”

By giving yourself clear direction, every task completed is an achievement and will reward you with positivity.

The American Psychological Association suggests a positive mind broadens momentary thought actions. Which means it kicks negative mental blocks to the curb and reinforces positive creativity.


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